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Summer at Rondeheim

Summer at Rondeheim offers great surroundings with both active and lazy days!

Family camp in weeks 28 and 30 is a week with exciting and fun activities, socializing and new friends.  


Mountain climbing, trail cycling, cable car, canoeing, mountain riding, orienteering, forging, football, fishing, accommodation and food outside, table tennis and play are some key words for what we offer this summer.  


There is spare capacity for cabin rentals, parties, friends' weekends or other organized arrangements with exciting activities throughout the spring and summer of 2021.

Get in touch to hear more. 

Tel. 977 55 103 or



"What happens at Rondeheim today?"

Cabin holiday in the mountains


Rondeheim has many cabins with a pension plan that suits you and your group.
Rondeheim offers cottage rentals with self-catering or pension. The cabins have cozy fireplace rooms and living areas.
  They can be combined for groups both with self-catering and pension.

Active camp school at Fjellskolen!

The camp school "Den Norske Fjellskolen Rondeheim" is run daily for school children from all over the country. During the stay at Fjellskolen, we want the students to experience as much as possible of what nature and the surroundings have to offer.  

The mountain school is located at Høvringen in Gudbrandsdalen 950 masl. The area is surrounded by mountains and plains close to Rondane National Park, and is known for its dry and stable climate.  

Good educational program with the longest traditions. The mountain school teachers are responsible for the entire pedagogical program at the camp school and are present throughout the evenings.  

​ We offer camp school both winter, spring and autumn with adapted activities where teaching, play and fun are combined.  


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