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Privacy statement


Rondeheim's processing of personal data

Personal information is information that can be linked directly to you as a person, such as name, e-mail address, address, telephone number  and   company name. Such information is necessary for us to be able to serve you as a customer.

We process personal information in connection with our Marketing services, booking and reservation. This is done, for example, in the work of sending you relevant information you have requested or when you book a stay at Rondeheim - the Norwegian mountain school.

Please note that it is not permitted to send sensitive personal information or social security numbers using e-mail without the content being encrypted.

The purpose of the treatment

The purpose of our processing of your personal data is to identify you as a customer, and fulfill the agreement you have with us.

Our processing of personal data is handled by our employees. All employees in Rondedrøm Drift AS  is subject to a duty of confidentiality. The duty of confidentiality applies not only out of the company, but also internally between colleagues and applies even if the employment relationship has ended.

What personal information is processed

Information processed by Rondedrøm Drift AS can be categorized as follows:

Administrative information such as name, telephone number, e-mail address, job title and which company you work for, address, telephone number and information about orders or reservations

Behavioral information on our website, such as which articles you read and what you show interest in

Basis for treatment

Valid treatment basis:

We only collect information about you to send you relevant information you request, to fulfill an agreement we have with you or because we consider that we have a legitimate interest that does not exceed the interference with your privacy.

If we have to process sensitive personal data in order to fulfill an agreement with you, we will obtain your consent to this prior to the processing. The consent limits the processing to only include the information that is necessary for Rondedrøm Drift AS to be able to fulfill the specific agreement.

You can withdraw your consent at any time. The processing of the relevant personal data will then cease.

Disclosure of personal information

Personal data may be disclosed to public authorities, if this follows from the statutory duty to provide information or the duty to disclose.

Any third parties who receive personal information from us are subject to the duty of confidentiality, through the conclusion of an agreement.


We do not store personal information longer than necessary to fulfill the purpose of the processing. If you have a customer relationship with us, personal information will be stored about you.
All information about you is stored on secure servers, in line with Wix data storage routines.
Right of access, correction, deletion, data portability

Right to demand access:
You have the right to demand access to the information we process about you. You have the right to know what purpose and processing basis we use, what information about you we process, recipients or categories of recipients to whom the personal information is passed on, the storage length of the personal information, and where the information is obtained from.

Right to demand correction and deletion:

If you believe that Rondedrøm Drift AS has registered information about you that is inaccurate or incomplete, you have the right to demand correction of the relevant personal information.  You can demand that we delete personal information about you if the information is no longer necessary to fulfill the purpose of the processing, you withdraw your consent if it is consent that has been used as a basis for processing, you oppose the processing and there are no other overriding legitimate reasons to continue processing or that the information has been processed illegally.

Right to data portability:

You have the right to receive personal information we have stored about you in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format. You also have the right to demand that we transfer information we have received from you to another data controller if it is technically possible and the processing is based on consent or contract.

Responsible for processing

The data controller is the one who decides the purpose of the processing of personal data, and which aids are used. Rondedrøm Drift AS has established a role as data controller which will have an overview of the processes, business areas and systems that process personal data, and continuously follow up internal control and the risk situation. The role of treatment manager has been assigned to Karoline H. Eriksen, and can be contacted in the following ways:

Phone: +47 61 23 37 14


Address: 2673 Høvringen


Complaint about the treatment

The Data Inspectorate's job is to check that the privacy regulations are followed. If you experience something that you believe is a breach of the regulations, you can send a written inquiry to the Data Inspectorate's postal address: The Data Inspectorate, PO Box 8177, 0034 OSLO.

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