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Rondeheim - The Norwegian Mountain School


The Norwegian Mountain School, Rondeheim, is located on Høvringen about 1000 meters above sea level, at the foot of Rondane National Park. We want show the beautiful nature we have here at Høvringen in interaction with animals and outdoor life. At Rondeheim you will find goats, pigs, guinea pigs, rabbits, dogs and horses that need food and care.


We have a great scenery right outside the door, and the activities are many both summer and winter.


The hosts at Rondheim are Karoline and Nils. Nils has a degree in economics and property management, but has in the receny years built on the education with practical education and has worked as a teacher in sports and outdoor life. Karoline has previously studied sports, but is now soon fully educated social worker.


Others you are going to meet around at Rondeheim are Carolin who is our junior hostess and Bianca who is the stable manager. We also have a good kitchen staff who provieds warm and good food.


Pleace contact us at if you have any questions!

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