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Winter activities

Skitur sol.jpg
Majestetic white-clad Mountains and many miles of cross-country trails meet you at Høvringen during wintertime. 

Cross Country
We offer 150 kilometers of newly prepared trails. You can choose between trails in the mountain, as well as trails in the forest when the wind is strong. Throughout the winter, the crawler is in operation every day and it is noticeable, because the trails are very beautiful. It even goes up to the Formokampen – a stunning mountain peak!

Mountain skis
There are also great conditions if you want to go outside the
trails with, for example, mountain skiing.

Snowshoes are a great way to get off the slopes. Hike or
forest tour, training trip or hike, Fjellskolen has snowshoes for lending.

snow caves

Digging of snow holes is a popular activity. When it is windy
and a little cold it is good to sit inside the snow cave to have lunch. It is also important to have knowledge of digging of snow caves when traveling in themountains.

The winter is a perfect season for a little extra cuddletime,
in the late winter we find many guests in the sun with hot cocoa and a goodlunch. Or in front of the fire inside under the blanket.

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