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Events at Rondeheim

Event in pleasant and beautiful surroundings!

Rondeheim has a large capacity for various events. We are well suited for everything from weddings, birthdays, confirmations to team building or training sessions.

We have large cabins with plenty of space. Solid and good bedrooms. Each cottage has spacious living rooms that can be adapted to all types of events. We have two large dining rooms that can accommodate up to 80-90 people. A beautiful yard with lots of activities in a short distance makes us a super gathering place.  

We offer accommodation, good food and a pleasant atmosphere here with us at Rondeheim. We arrange a plan according to your wishes.


In our eyes, you get nothing nicer than a mountain wedding. Høvringen mountain altar is a stone's throw away from Rondeheim, but it is also not far to Gudbrandsdalen's many fine churches. We have beautiful dining rooms for dinner, as well as cozy living rooms for party atmosphere.  


We set the table and celebrate a big day for the youth. Dining room that can be covered for parties and cozy living rooms for cake and coffee.  


Add the celebration of a great day to a beautiful mountain area. A day or weekend filled with activities, good food and drink, and a good atmosphere.  

Seminar / course

Rondeheim is well suited for various courses / seminars / team building as we have nice facilities that are suitable for gatherings; cozy fireplace rooms, spacious dining rooms, classroom with whiteboard / projector and a sea of activities on the doorstep.  

Training session

Høvringen offers a nature and an environment for everyone. Good paths, cart road, car road, up hills, down hills .. Something for everyone in other words. In the winter we offer 150 km of groomed trails. 

Here you can run, walk, cycle, train strength, paddle, etc.  

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