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Horseback riding

Active experiences

Mountain horseback riding

We enjoy the mountain from the horse with everything from simple riding for children to half day trips.
All riding is led by our experienced instructors, on kind and mountainous horses.
  (Summer and fall season)
For bookings and more information, please contact BiancaMaria on tel: + 47 953 35 886

For the little ones
Children's riding takes place on Saturdays at 11.00. Here the children have the opportunity to ride a small
round in the surrounding area. No pre-registration.
Price: NOK 75, -. Date for the summer of 2019 is coming.

Beginner / Child Riding
A half or one hour rental in the terrain.
Price: NOK 200, - / kr. 300, - (min.2 pers)
          NOK 250, - / kr. 400, - (1 pers)

Mountain horseback riding
Great riding tours in the mountains or in the woods. The tours are organized according to the riders'
wishes, experience and weather.
Prices: 1 hour NOK 300, - (min. 2 pers.)
            1 hour NOK 400, - (1 pers.)
            2 hours NOK 500, - (min 2 pers)
            2 hours NOK 600, - (1 pers)
            1/2 day trip kr 850, - (min 2 pers)

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