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Summer activities

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Spring, summer and autumn season offers many acivities​

Mountain walks
Høvringen and the Rondane Mountains offer a varied terrain for hiking that includes everything from woods to thrilling mountain peaks. Easy walking in the woods of on the mountainplateau is spiced with tales of nature and of our cultural heritage. If you require a more demanding experience, you can join a mountain hike which comprises the climbing of peaks above 2000 meters. 

Formokampen (1428 m) is a great peak that you can see from the yard at Rondeheim. The trip is suitable for everyone and the view is amazing. The cultural history is great in Rondane and on the way up to Formokampen you will find old landfill sites for reindeer. At the top there is also a sight disc.

Mountain biking
Høvringen is well suited for mountain biking, there are beautiful and wide mountain paths and roadways that make cycling fun - also for those who are beginners.

Mountain climbing
Rock climbing and rappelling is a resilient and fun activity for young and old. It demands on both balance, agility and strength.

The pre-bolted climbing field is set up by the Vardhø mountain, which you can see from Rondeheim. After a short walk through the sheltered forest, you are ready to climb, after some instruction of course. This is something you can take part in as a guest with us.



Canoeing is a popular and cozy activity. Rondeheim has several canoes, life jackets and oars available for guests and groups. By the canoes there is a lavvo and bonfire place, so it is a perfect spot for a lunchbreak.


The rivers at Høvringen have mnay different bathing Places, temperature permitting. The forming of canyons, after the last ice age has created falls, caves, tunnels and natural slides. 

Cable car
Rondeheims own cable car over Høvringåa is one of the most popular activities.

This activity is both fun, but for many people it can be a lot of coping by throwing themselves over the river. An activity that leads to a lot of smile and laughter.

Pet Care
The whole summer season most of the animals go loose in the yard. We have horses, goats, pigs, chickens, guinea pigs, rabbits, dogs and cats enjoying the life of the mountain. Grooming, care and food is something the animals need
every day, and as a guest with us this is something you get to take part in.


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