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Camp school


Camp school for everyone

The Camp School "Den Norske Fjellskolen Rondeheim" is run daily for school children from all over the country. During the stay at Fjellskolen, we want the students to experience as much as possible of what nature and the surroundings have to offer. The owners of Fjellskolen are happy to come and inform about the program for the school classes who want it.


Good educational program with the longest traditions.
The mountain school teachers are responsible for the entire pedagogical program at the camp school and are present throughout the evenings.

Good orderly working conditions thus give the class teachers opportunities for some free time if desired.

Prices (approved Norwegian classes): 

Monday to Friday NOK 2600, - per student

2 adults free stay per class, if there are several adults they pay together as the students.

Contact us for price if you have other wishes!  

Day 1: Arrival - information
Day 2: Tour
Day 3: Activity day / Orientation
Day 4: Orientation / Activity day

(Days 3, 4 are rolled so that everyone can do everything.)


Day 1: Arrival - information 
Day 2: Theory about clothing / packing of backpack - Ski game 
Day 3: Map teaching 
Day 4: Snow cave excavation in theory and practice 

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