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Practical information

Be prepared - also on a trip to the Norwegian Mountain School Rondeheim

The Norwegian Mountain School Rondeheim offers students a new environment where everyone is "equal" and where new aspects of their personality can unfold. A different school week where teaching, play and fun are combined. As a class teacher, you will experience a new school situation that breaks with normal teaching and school routine. There will be an opportunity to study the students in a new social environment. 

Fjellstø pedagogical anchoring
The teaching program gives students the opportunity to show skills, aptitudes and qualities that the traditional school does not always have room for. Here the students will have the opportunity to show new sides of their personality. Adopted attitudes can therefore be re-evaluated. A camp school stay often contributes to increased positive contact on a new level between teacher and student. 

Convenient about the stay
Fjellskolen's tour program is not particularly demanding. Our experience shows that many students come to the camp school stay physically unprepared. For these, even the shortest trips will be strenuous. It therefore makes sense to encourage students to do some physical activity before the trip to the mountain school. The students will then benefit much more from their stay here. 

Are we born with skis on our legs?
If a winter stay is planned here at Den Norske Fjellskolen, great skiing skills are not required. Snow-poor winters and the children's desire for alpine skiing activities have meant that many families have given lower priority to cross-country skiing activities at home. There are also more and more children who come from cultures that are not used to snow or skiing activities, and who get their first encounter with this here. 

We offer camp school students everything from beginner training to trips and activities for more experienced skiers. In this way, Den Norske Fjellskolen hopes to be able to contribute to a re-creation of interest and joy for this form of skiing activity. The school has a plentiful selection of ski equipment should there be a need. 

New and unfamiliar
Regardless of the season, a camp school stay is for many students the first break with the home environment. It can be important to prepare students for the new and unfamiliar they will come to and the responsibility they have towards themselves and others. Topics that may be relevant to address before departure are personal hygiene, order and table manners. Mention should also be made of the relationship with other people, in terms of culture, language and disability.

Work and responsibility
We offer 2 teachers free stay per. class. The camp school teachers are responsible for all teaching. They lead and are also responsible for trips and activities. The class teacher helps and assists. It is important that the class teachers cooperate with each other so that a common attitude is created towards all the students. Both the class teacher and the mountain school's people are responsible for taking care of students who do not comply with established rules. It will be time for the class teacher to gather his own class for conversation. We recommend doing this in the evening when all joint activities are over. Twice a day, class teachers and the mountain school's people gather for a leadership meeting. In addition to the camp school's teachers, there are also instructors who help during the activity days. The camp school is also staffed 24 hours a day (resting night shift from 10.30 pm). 

The state provides a framework subsidy to the municipalities that is intended for camp school stays. This is not earmarked, but is intended for a camp school stay during primary school.  Check with your municipality about this. Before the stay, the class teacher will receive a booklet with all information about the stay and tips for pre- and post-work. It is important that the equipment list is thoroughly reviewed with the students. It should then be emphasized that what is required is solid and practical equipment, not necessarily the latest and most expensive. The Norwegian Mountain School has a well-equipped depot where students can borrow / rent equipment. However, we do not have complete equipment for everyone. To make a little extra out of the evenings, the class prepares some entertainment for one evening. This entertainment should last for about 30 minutes. 

Booking a place
When booking a place, the class teacher will be sent a place reservation. This reservation is valid for one month so that the class teacher can discuss the stay with students and parents. The seat reservations will be stated with an approx. week. This is because the stay is booked a relatively long time in advance. It is difficult to specify a specific week due to a change in the number of pupils and different school routes. Time shifts are made as infrequently as possible. Final date will be sent to the class teacher about 4 months before the stay. 

The class teacher is responsible for payment to the Norwegian Mountain School. When booking - or no later than one year before the stay - a registration fee is paid, currently NOK 150 per student. Thereafter, approximately 50% of the stay will be invoiced due approximately one month before arrival. The balance is invoiced during the week the students are here. All payment is made collectively for the whole class. If a student who has paid for the camp school stay is prevented from participating, due to illness or eviction, the entire amount paid will be refunded. In case of illness, a medical certificate must be presented. 

The journey can take place by train or bus, the most common being a bus. We can help arrange transport, but recommend everyone to check prices as there are large variations.

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