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Equipment and safety


Find the equipment you have - most can be used

For all activity in the high mountains, it is necessary with good and solid equipment that blocks out cold, wind and moisture, but it does not have to be new and beautiful. For the trips to be eventful and fun, it is a prerequisite that you stay warm.

Wool / fleece and windproof clothing
Fleece is light and comfortable when dry. Wool is the only fiber that insulates well even when it is damp. Wool dries slowly, but it absorbs moisture away from the skin. We therefore recommend both wool underwear, wool socks and wool sweaters. Wool inside and windproof garments on the outside help to form the basis for a nice mountain hike.

Lack of equipment does not have to be an obstacle to a stay at Rondeheim. We have an extensive depot where you can borrow or rent equipment such as wind clothes, skis, poles and boots. 

Safety is always in focus
Safety is always in focus at the Norwegian Mountain School. Fjellskolen's teachers and instructors have extensive experience in mountain weather and mountain safety. The weather in the area is stable, which also provides the best conditions for good security.

Norwegian Air Ambulance
  has its base just 10 minutes flight time from Rondeheim.

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