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Camp school spring and autumn

Camp school spring and autumn

Active days

Joy of nature



Play and have fun

Camp school when spring is in full swing - until the colors come in autumn

The Norwegian Mountain School can offer camp school stays with open field programs in the period May - June and August - September - October. The goal of the camp school stay is to give the students positive nature experiences, increased interest in nature and joy when traveling in the mountains. No special prior knowledge is required to be able to attend camp school at Den Norske Fjellskolen Rondeheim.  


Throughout the year, we plan trips of various lengths and degrees of difficulty. The program is constantly adapted to the students' skills. Høvringen has a stable climate. If it should still be rough, we pull down into sheltered forest terrain. 

Proper selection and treatment of mountain equipment
We place great emphasis on the students learning to choose the right equipment and how this equipment should be treated. Among other things, clothing and packing of sacks are taught. 

Map and compass
To be able to travel in the mountains, it is important to know the use of maps and compasses. It is taught indoors and practiced outdoors in the terrain. 

Simple introduction to how the landscape in Rondane has taken shape. 

First aid
Brief introduction to necessary first aid. 

Plant and animal life
There is a rich plant and wildlife in Rondane. We are based on the ecological interaction in nature and how carefully this is adapted to the environment. 

Cable car
The students get to try their hand at the cable car over Høvringsåa. 

Horse riding
Instruction on the mountain school's horses. Short walks in the local area. 

Mountain biking 
Cycling with the mountain school's bicycles takes place on country roads and good mountain trails. 

Cultural history 
The area has a rich cultural history. The theme is intertwined with trips and activities.  


Food in nature

Introduction to how to make a fire. We also make a stone oven outside where the students can bake "Høvringspizza" for lunch. 

The rivers at Høvringen offer varied and exciting bathing places when the temperature allows it. Canyon formations after the last ice age have created waterfalls, caves, tunnels and natural slides. This is not part of the regular camp school program. Depending on bathing permit. 

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