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Camp school winter

Camp school winter

Shit and skilek

Prepared trails

Snow cave and first aid

Play, fun and unity

Animal care

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Winter - you beautiful white, let the kids experience you!

The winter season of the Norwegian Mountain School extends from January to the end of April. The goal of the camp school stay is to give the students positive nature experiences, increased interest in nature and joy when traveling in the mountains. Proper selection and treatment of mountain equipment. We place great emphasis on the students learning to choose the right equipment and treat this in a sensible way. It is taught, among other things, clothing, packing a sack and lubrication of skis.

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Skiing, skiing and fun in the snow
Skiing technique is learned through play and fun, which characterizes everything that happens during the camp school stay at Den Norske Fjellskolen. A lot of play is planned in the snow. Individual guidance is provided as needed. Throughout the year, we plan trips of different lengths and degrees of difficulty. The program is constantly adapted to the students' skiing skills. Therefore, no prior knowledge is required. Høvringen has a stable climate with good skiing conditions in a well-groomed trail network. If the weather should still be harsh, we pull down into warm forest terrain. 

To be able to travel in the mountains in winter, it is important to know the use of maps. We teach indoors and practice outdoors in the terrain. 

Snow cave excavation
Theoretical teaching in mountain weather and avalanche theory and digging of snow cave / emergency bivouac. 

Cultural history
The area has a rich cultural history and the theme is intertwined with trips and activities. 

First aid
Brief introduction to necessary first aid. 

Horseback riding
Horseback riding in the local area.

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