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Dog mushing in beautiful surroundings

At Rondeheim we have five Alaska huskies who love to pull as much as they love cuddles. We also have one irish setter who is as eager as the huskies, and she thrives best in the front of the team as a leader.

This is a new activity at Rondeheim and we look forward to the continuation and development of the dog kennel

About the dogs:

Swix is the oldest husky and he is 11 years old and are enjoying his retirement at Høvringen. His best buddy is Kompass who is 7 years old, but still thinks he is two years, and are acting thereafter. He buzzes loudly every time he is assuming someone is coming to cuddle him or take him out for a hike. Kompass is usually going as a leader in the team together with Windy, the irish setter. Windy is Rondeheims biggest diva and is enjoying every minute of attention. When she is not out hunting ptarmigan or pulling the sled she is happy laying on the couch.

We also have Stinky who also is enjoying his elderly days at Rondeheim together with Lille My at 11 years and Christiano at 7 years. Even if they are older, one should not underestimate the power of pulling the sled and all of them at jumping like crazy the moment we take the harnesses on.

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